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The New Year and Luzhou’s Great Outdoors

February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! I hope the Year of the Rat is good to you all.

On this special holiday when everyone else in the country is spending quality time at home with their families, I celebrated by running 4 miles in the cold rain. It was not as miserable as it sounds, I promise.

Actually, it was quite lovely. Growing up in the thriving jungle-like ecosystem of the Minneapolis suburbs, I took many things for granted, like seeing the occasional small animal. Or… tree. And being alone on a hiking trail or bike path. That is why this is my favorite little corner of Luzhou, and why I am grateful that the rain kept the sane people inside so I could enjoy the solitude today. It’s not Taroko Gorge and it’s not the North Shore, but Luzhou has its charms now and then.

Yeah… don’t ask me about the last one.


Luzhou Picture Post

February 22, 2007

In my week off I’ve spent some time just walking around Luzhou, something I haven’t done since shortly after I arrived.  It isn’t a very attractive city,  so once I got a feel for the layout of the streets I didn’t feel a need to do so much exploring, but this week it’s been nice to wander around a bit.  It reminds me how much more settled in I am than I was this fall when I was hiking about trying to get my bearings.  This morning I walked along the top of the dike on the edge of the city, something I’d never done before.  I added some pictures I took today and a few I already had to create this, my Luzhou collection.  They aren’t the most stunning or exotic sights in Taiwan, but this is where I live:

 My building:

My Building

My street, Minzu Rd. :

Minzu Lu

The view behind my apartment:

Back Window

Me riding my scooter down Minzu:

Scooter on Minzu Lu

Walking along the dike:

Luzhou Dike

The market and the temple:

Market 1

Market 2

The same market at night:

Night Market

So there you have it, home sweet home Luzhou.


Kaitlin’s Big Day

September 13, 2006

Today was a very big day for me, both stressful and exciting.  I taught my first three classes today.  None of them went all that well, but I don’t think they were complete disasters either.  When it was over, I felt like all life had been sucked out of me, but everyone keeps telling me that it will get easier and I can see that it’s true.  Even between my first and second class yesterday I felt like things got a bit better.

The exciting part of my day was moving into my new apartment!  Maybe I’ll post some pictures in the future.  I got an amazing deal on this place and I love it. 

Maybe I should back up a bit, since my lack of internet access the last few days has prevented me from delivering the important details of my life to you.  I moved out of Taipei City to Luzhou, a suburb of Taipei.  Although geographically close, Luzhou is very different from Taipei.  Less English, more blatant staring at the unbelievably tall white girl. I’m very happy to be here though, where it’s less commercial and where I might actually have to remember a few Chinese characters to get by.  And Taipei is just a short bus or cab ride away, so I can go there in my free time if I so choose.

Everyone I work with seems really cool, and helpful too.  From what I hear I think I got pretty lucky being placed at this branch.  Also, the kindergarten is super nice, with an outdoor playground and track and large classrooms with lofts.

If I decide to stay here forever, blame it on the dumplings.