I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

March 18, 2008

As of Thursday night, I’m back in Minnesota. Predictably, I am way behind with the blogging. So I will be putting an end to this Taiwan blog shortly, but I have two last things I want to write about as soon as I get my pictures uploaded: a short weekend trip to Kenting, and a longer trip to Cambodia with my dad.

It’s sort of nice to be back, but it’s so strange. So many tall white people who can understand everything I say. So few cars. It’s quiet here, and impossibly dark at night.

So stay tuned, I promise I’ll get around to those last few blog entries after I’m finished with my usual procrastination routine.

One comment

  1. Welcome baaaaaaaaack, Kaitlin! I know your mom is SO happy to have you home. I’m looking forward to your last Taiwan blog photos!

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