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3 Random Anecdotes

July 19, 2007

I owe you all an update about Malaysia and Hong Kong, I know. Patience, it will come. Basically, I’ve been procrastinating on that so long that I haven’t written anything else. But I thought I should type a little something just to say “Hey! I haven’t died!”

Unfortunately, other than those trips in May my life has been rather mundane lately. I wake up and sit in front of my air conditioner until it’s time to go to work. I go to work and play stickyball games with a bunch of screaming little kids. I come home and sit in front of the air conditioner until it’s time to go to bed. Sometimes, to liven things up a bit, I watch bad movies on cable.

Anyway, here are three things that happened to me in the past two days. A slice of life for me here in Taiwan:

I saw a dog fall off a scooter. I always wondered if that happened. I see dogs riding on scooters all the time and it would seem that every dog in Taiwan is perfectly trained to do so. This poor little thing was not so lucky though. It had a leash on so when it fell off it sort of bounced along the road a couple times until the woman driving stopped. She just sat there and waited while the dog ran around a bit and eventually decided to get back on. Actually, she never even glanced at the dog after it happened. She was way too busy staring at the foreigner across the street.

One of my 1st grade students asked me if I was pregnant. She hardly speaks any English but she pointed to her tummy and said “Teacher! You… baby here?” Um, no Victoria, teacher just needs to lay off the dumplings.

I have frequently had taxis stop for me without me hailing them. They see me wandering around Luzhou and assume I just must be a lost tourist, I guess. I just had the worst unsolicited taxi experience yet, as I was coming home from the gym today. I had just parked in front of my building and was getting off my scooter when the guy stopped to call out and ask if I needed to go somewhere. I had barely taken off my helmet! Maybe that means I’m capable of transporting myself?

So that’s the “news” from here. I live a highly adventurous life here in the exotic far east.