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I always do things backwards.

March 24, 2007

I did two things today that I’d never done before:  I got my scooter repaired, and I crashed it.  Yes, in that order.

I didn’t even go home in between leaving the mechanic and smashing into the back of another scooter.  It wasn’t exactly my first incident since I started driving it; an SUV sort of scraped against me a bit in February, but this was the first actual impact.  I felt pretty bad about it, although if I were in the United States I would definitely say it was the other person’s fault for stopping so suddenly in front of me.  Traffic works a bit differently here, though, and if I were a more experienced scooter driver I think I might have managed to avoid the whole thing.

In any case, I was fine.  The guy I hit seemed pretty angry, and I have the feeling he would have given me hell if he thought I’d understand.  His license plate was crunched, but there was no other damage, so he just let it go.  I lost a bit of paint off the front of my scooter (and spilled beef noodle soup all over it) but fortunately, I didn’t have to head right back to the mechanic.  It actually took a few tries to start it after I picked it up off the ground though, so I hope there isn’t some other problem that got started.

In unrelated news, I actually managed to fit a few hours of scenic carpentry and painting into my schedule last weekend.  Another teacher I know is in a bilingual production of the Vagina Monologues in Taipei, and the (American) director was looking for volunteers to help with sets.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work with my schedule to put very much time in, but it was nice to have the chance to get a little involved with theatre again.

Actually, theatre is the one dark cloud still hanging over my new-found happiness with life in Taiwan.  I don’t know how important it still is to me, for one thing.  I thought that being away from that world for a little while would give me some clarity on how much it mattered to me, but instead I’ve left it so far behind that it’s hard to even remember that it used to basically be my entire life.  I am afraid that each month I choose to stay here makes it a little more impossible that I will ever find my way back to that career path, but maybe that isn’t really the way it works, I don’t know.  Oh well, lots to think about as always.


What’s next?

March 13, 2007

Just one month ago I was absolutely certain that I’d be eagerly returning home in the fall.  Although I was happy I’d come to Taiwan, I couldn’t imagine any possibility that I’d change my mind about only staying a year.

 Everything can change so quickly.  Over Chinese New Year I had a lot of time to myself to contemplate how I really feel and what I want, and the conclusion I came to is that I will be staying in Taiwan a while longer.   I could be my usual overly analytical self and drive myself crazy weighing the pros and cons of signing on for another year, trying to fit Taiwan into my master plan for my life, but for once I’m just going to let go.  I’m happy right now, I don’t feel like going home so soon, so I won’t.

I’m signing another year long contract.  At this point, I have every intention of quitting before that full year is up.  On the other hand, I’ve sort of given up on predicting myself.

I wasn’t going to say anything about this until I’d made the official decision in April, but at this point I’ve told just about everyone I’ve talked to so I suppose there’s no reason not to post it now.

 In conclusion, some pictures from a scooter trip to Keelung last month: