Luzhou Picture Post

February 22, 2007

In my week off I’ve spent some time just walking around Luzhou, something I haven’t done since shortly after I arrived.  It isn’t a very attractive city,  so once I got a feel for the layout of the streets I didn’t feel a need to do so much exploring, but this week it’s been nice to wander around a bit.  It reminds me how much more settled in I am than I was this fall when I was hiking about trying to get my bearings.  This morning I walked along the top of the dike on the edge of the city, something I’d never done before.  I added some pictures I took today and a few I already had to create this, my Luzhou collection.  They aren’t the most stunning or exotic sights in Taiwan, but this is where I live:

 My building:

My Building

My street, Minzu Rd. :

Minzu Lu

The view behind my apartment:

Back Window

Me riding my scooter down Minzu:

Scooter on Minzu Lu

Walking along the dike:

Luzhou Dike

The market and the temple:

Market 1

Market 2

The same market at night:

Night Market

So there you have it, home sweet home Luzhou.


  1. Your pink apartment building looks atrocious in the picture and the view out the back window isn’t exactly glorious either. But the actual apartment inside is really quite nice–it is deceiving on the outside, I think.

  2. Hi Kaitlin,
    Just looking at these pictures really makes me want to travel and makes me feel kind of boring! Since they’re not all beautiful landscapes, they seem more real and exotic to me. I miss that kind of rough, yet adventurous living.
    Thanks for all your posts! When are you coming back? Some of us are tentatively planning a reunion in July in Rochester, NY. I know that’s kind of a ways away (both temporely and distance) but I’d love to see you. If that doesn’t work, another time I hope.

  3. Thank you for the street scene pictures! I’ve always told people here that walking the streets of Taipei (or almost anywhere in Taiwan) is like walking through the crowds at the Minnesota State Fair. It almost doesn’t matter what time of day – you step out your front door into buckets of people. I found that exhausting at first when I was there, and I kind of missed it when I got back. I remember being at the University of Minnesota for fall quarter when I got back and wondering where everybody was!

    As I look back at my time there, I really envy your scooter —– not having to take the bus. The buses would pull up fully loaded already and we would all get on as well! You know the routine — shove and push your way on and once you’re on the bus, if you lift one foot up, you may not find a place to put it down again. Begin yelling “xia chi, xia chi” (get off the bus) at least two blocks before your stop and bend your body in ways you thought it could never bend as you make your way to the bus door.

    Gosh I loved it there…truly.


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