American girls strong, eat steak.

February 21, 2007

Often while riding in a taxi, the cab driver will attempt to strike up a conversation.  Sometimes he speaks good English or I manage a full discussion in Chinese, but most of the time it is a mix of both.  A while ago I had a quite memorable cab ride.  I’ll write the conversation in English but really it was a rather garbled and confusing mix of languages, including a few random sentences of German at one point.

The driver started out typically, asking me where I was from and whether I liked the food in Taiwan.  I told him that I was American and he started in on a long speech about the war in Iraq.  I honestly had no clue what he was saying so I just nodded.  Somehow he got the mistaken impression that I was from Chicago and I didn’t bother to correct him so we talked about Chicago.

He asked how old I was and I told him. 

“You are married,” he guessed. 

“No,” I said. 

“Your boyfriend,” asked the driver, “Taiwanese or American?” 

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” I told him.

“No?” he asked, quite surprised, “Because you are Christian, yes?” 

“No… I don’t think that’s why,” I said. He was silent for a moment, and I thought the conversation was finally over.  Then he spoke up with these words of wisdom:

“Taiwan girls very beautiful.  American girls strong, eat steak.”

So that explains it…

Yesterday I got some more deep insight into Taiwan from another cab driver.

“Taiwan is very very good country,” he said, “No terrorists.”

Sounds good to me.

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