Not a Real Post

December 24, 2006

My dad and brother are here and I keep trying to find a moment to write an entry about everything we’ve been up to.  We’re off to Hualien tomorrow, though, and I still haven’t found that moment so I guess I’ll just have to do a massive post when we get back.  For now, you can always check out my pictures.

One comment

  1. Your pictures are cool — especially the ones of Taroko. Did you ride the cable car up to the bridge? (It would be SOME hike, otherwise!)

    Did you get dizzy looking down to take the “vertigo” picture. I would have!

    The Buddhist statue is beautiful, too.

    Sorry for calling the Xiao you gave Quinn a flute. I realized after I sent the comment that it wasn’t a flute at all. I think the bamboo instruments Kimi makes and sells are called shakahachi (SP?) flutes, and clarinets, etc. I also think they are a Japanese design rather than a Taiwanese one.

    I imagine you are now back to the regular grind now that Christmas is over. Hopefully it won’t seem too long until your Mom’s visit in the spring.

    Love, Chrys

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