Hot New Ride

November 11, 2006

I bought a new toy, isn’t it pretty?


It’s also pretty terrifying at this point.  I had to drive it home from the dealer down some major roads, so my first taste of what it was like to drive a scooter was bursting out into busy traffic.  I was basically white knuckled the whole way home.  Tonight I took it out for a little joy ride around the city though, and while I’m still mildly terrified, I also really like it!  I wonder how long it will take me to crash it…

One comment

  1. This sounds very similar to my experience riding a scooter for the first time. Me and my wife had decided to go to DanShui for some sight seeing. Since my wife was the only one with a Taiwan driving license she was going to be the one driving the 125cc scooter we rented. It turned out that the scooter was too heavy for her control so she just pulled over and we switched places. It really was scary. There is so much traffic and different things going on I just kept worrying that I would do something wrong and get hit by some big BMW. It took me several weeks to get used to driving in traffic. I hope you have a safe driving experience and not too much pain after you precious scooter gets scratched for the first time.

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