Training Part 2

September 7, 2006

Training continues to be long and exhausting. I have my second demo tomorrow morning and I just spent almost two hours working on it with my group. It’s all over on Saturday… sort of. Next week I return for my one month follow up training, which of course is a little ridiculous, but it’s because I basically started late on a contract which began in August.

Fortunately, I really like all my fellow trainees. There are 22 of us altogether (I think). More Canadians than anything else, and only one person who isn’t North American. All of us are young (although I’m pretty much the youngest) and many of us just finished school. We seem to have a wide variety of reasons for coming here though.

So far I’ve mostly failed at communicating in Chinese, which is both frustrating and embarrassing. I’m not really a total beginner at this. I hope that once I’m in Luzhou and get settled in I’ll have more time to concentrate on my language skills.

Despite the stress of training week, when I step outside and see Taipei around me, I realize I’m very much in that honeymoon phase with Taiwan. I’ve barely had a chance to explore what’s right outside my door, but I suspect I might just fall in love with the place.

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  1. I like this format much better for making comments, although overall the WordPress page set-up is not as flashy as Mindsay seems to be. My students used WordPress last spring and the one thing that gave them trouble was the concept of clicking on NO COMMENTS to get to make comments. It is not intuitive. But much easier than signing up for a fake Mindsay account just to to write a short response!

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