Welcome to Taipei

September 3, 2006

I’m starting this blog to document life as a new English teacher in Taiwan.  I hope that whether you are a friend, relative, random web surfer, or someone interested in coming to Taiwan that you will find some of my tales entertaining and informative.

 I’m here for a year, with the option of staying longer if I so choose.  Tomorrow I start a week of intensive training and then I will start teaching at my school, which is actually outside of Taipei, in Luzhou. I haven’t had a chance to go see that area yet.

 I spent yesterday with my good friend from college, Julie, who is from Taipei. She showed me all sorts of useful things and took me on a quick driving tour of the city, including a stop at Hsingtien Temple where I learned the proper procedure for making an offering and praying. It’s all a rather complicated process if you aren’t familiar with it, involving oracle blocks and bamboo sticks with numbers corresponding to the prayer’s answer. To me it seemed very crowded, but Julie informed me that it’s usually worse. After that, we went to the National Palace Museum where Julie used to work, and finally out to dinner with her parents. I’m extremely grateful that she and her family could help me get adjusted a bit on my first day, which was completely overwhelming.

Later last night I got the chance to meet some of the people I’ll be training with.  I’m not exactly sure how many people are part of this training group, but I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

This morning I wanted to do some exploring on my own.  I managed to familiarize myself with the MRT a little and tried various types of food and drink. So far I love this city, although the heat and humidity is a bit more than this poor Minnesotan can take.  Just walking down the street this morning I got such a rush of excitement for the year ahead.

So stay tuned!  And don’t be afraid to leave a comment or two!



  1. Howdy;
    I liked the pics of your apt. It looks very spacious! Question: Is that a frieght elevator door or are you sharing your Apt with a thoroughbred horse? Just kidding!
    I hope everything continues to go well for you. I was surprised and pleased to learn that you were able to connect with your college friend. I thought she was in Italy.
    Love, Grandpa Don.

  2. welcome to taiwan!

    check this out: http://taiwanblogs.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi Kaitlin,

    Found your blog when I was searching for information for teaching in Taiwan. It’s proved very informative so far, so thanks! I hope you won’t mind answering some of my questions now and again, or direct me to someone in-the-know of the teaching industry there.


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